More than camping? Count the seven uses of outdoor power supply!


I believe that friends who love camping have heard of the outdoor power supply this powerful camping equipment. Outdoor power supply is a kind of outdoor multifunctional power supply that can reserve electric energy itself, which is equivalent to a small portable charging station, with light weight, high capacity, large power, long life, strong stability and so on.

1. Camping outdoors

In recent years, "camping" has been mentioned by more and more people on the Internet, and the topic # Why camping is suddenly hot # has frequently rushed to hot searches, attracting more than 180 million people to watch and discuss. However, this "camping" is not "traditional camping", but a new "exquisite camping".

With the growing popularity of "exquisite camping", people's requirements for camping equipment are getting higher and higher, more appliances are moving from indoor to outdoor, and the corresponding demand for electricity is gradually increasing. Outdoor power supply has therefore entered the public field of vision and become an indispensable power supply equipment for "exquisite camping".

2. Shoot outdoors

Outdoor shooting is the most afraid of photography equipment out of power. For many outdoor photographers, the most critical thing when shooting is to replenish the electricity of the external shooting equipment in time. In the long shooting time, photographers in addition to strong physical strength, but also need to have sufficient electricity protection.

Photographers will count the outside shooting equipment before departure, in addition to SLR, drones and other common shooting equipment, experienced outdoor photographers will also bring an outdoor power supply as a mobile charging station for shooting equipment.

3. Outdoor live streaming

As one of the hottest industries, live broadcasting is no longer limited to indoor shooting places. When you broadcast outdoors, you have to have enough power. Whether it is a light, a laptop, or a microphone, camera and other live broadcast equipment need to be connected to electricity.

In order to avoid live broadcast interruption due to insufficient power supply during outdoor live broadcast, it is recommended to carry a large-capacity outdoor power supply to continue to power live broadcast equipment such as lighting lights and microphones for a sufficient time.

4. Set up an outdoor stall

With the continuous development of the "stall economy", more and more people go to set up stalls after completing their own work. For example, the continuous high temperature last summer made Chengdu's "stall economy" fire again. After coffee and milk tea, more summer snacks have become regular customers on the ground.

The sun is scorching, mosquitoes are flying, we are busy with the stall at the same time do not forget to bring an outdoor power supply, it can not only power the refrigerator, keep food fresh, but also plug the electric fan, even the electric mosquito liquid, to give us the most comfortable stall experience.

5. Work outdoors

More and more people are moving their jobs outdoors. Some of them, depending on the nature of their jobs, need to spend a lot of time outdoors, such as geological prospecting, mechanical engineers, etc. Others are motivated by interest, and the brain is more active and productive outside. No matter what kind of work, there is no electricity support when working outdoors.

If the office equipment is suddenly out of power in the middle of the work, it not only means that the work can not be completed on time, but also wastes the time and energy of going out. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a large-capacity outdoor power supply before going out to work to ensure that office equipment has power for a long time.

6. Emergency power supply

Outdoor power supply is undoubtedly the best power supply solution. High-quality outdoor power supply can not only power many household appliances, maintain the normal operation of our lives, but also connect solar panels, continue to store electricity for themselves during the day, to alleviate the family's lack of electricity anxiety.

7. Outdoor rescue

Earthquake, tsunami, typhoon and other natural disasters after the occurrence of power supply facilities are likely to be damaged, and the use of emergency lighting, fire equipment, communication equipment and other rescue tools need power maintenance, at this time if there is an outdoor power supply, you can continue to provide stable and safe electricity.

Especially in the medical rescue work, the outdoor power supply that is convenient to carry, with large power and high capacity can be quickly put into the first-line rescue, providing reliable power support for ambulance personnel and medical equipment, and maintaining the normal operation of the machine.